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NewGround Adult Games Has Awesome Interactive Porn Play In HTML5

We come with the best collection of new porn games on the web. We know that because we tested over a thousand games before we ended up with this library. The number one criterion that we used when selecting these games was interactivity. If a game made us feel like we were fucking more than it made us feel like watching a porn movie, it made it into our collection. We also cared about graphics, and we selected the titles in which characters have responsive bodies and facial expressions. And we cared about cross-platform compatibility because we wanted to offer a collection that comes with content that can be enjoyed from any device. Let’s talk more about the particularities of this collection.

NewGround Adult Games Has A Lot Of Diversity

One of the best features of our site is the fact that it comes with a massive and diverse collection. No matter who you are and no matter what you want to fuck, you will find the perfect game in this collection. We come with main games for straight men. But the ladies can enjoy lots of lesbian games, and the queer players will be able to fuck lots of shemales in this collection. There are also many fantasies that you can fulfill with the games on our site. No matter if you want to fuck your mom, secretary, daughter, or school teacher, you will be able to do so on our site. We even give you a chance to become a master with the hardcore BDSM games that we have in our collection.

Newground Adult Games Comes With Short, Medium And Long Games

We give you content for different wank sessions. If you want to cum quickly and hard, then you have the simulators of our site. These games come with action in which you will cut straight to fucking. You will be able to customize the characters that you’ll fuck in some titles, but other than that is just fucking. And it will feel so real. You won’t need more than five minutes to cum with these games. If you want a story from your adult gaming session, then you should play our visual novels, which come with interactive twine erotica, where you will play as the main character, and your choices will lead you to different endings. And the longest games on our site are those in the RPG section, where you will enjoy awesome gaming sessions filled with missions and quests, worlds of fantasy and sci-fi with countless characters and porn that will come as a reward for your progress.

Will I Play NewGround Adult Games On Any Device?

Yes! All the games on our site can be played on any device that you might use. We tested the game on both touchscreen and keyboard devices to make sure that there won’t be any big difference in how the game feels.

Will You Need My Email Adress On NewGround Adult Games?

We never need your email address or any personal info. All the content that we offer is coming to you as a visitor. We care about privacy and we know how to keep your kinks a secret on this site.

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